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Ansel Elgot: play music “Pirates” cheshen is not lost

On Friday, the film “Pirates” cheshen in domestic theaters, starred in “Carrie” “differences” series of video games in the “wrong” Ansel Elgot, starred in the film the amazing driving skills, music taste good, have their own moral standards, but also a crazy love with actress driver baby”.

But, this was born in 1994, height 191cm, slap the face of little meat had studied ballet, music album, also once had their own personal concert. The film “baby” mix of skills for him are xinshounianlai, also because of its master of music and film two skills, and become the best candidate for director Edgar Wright’s eyes “cheshen” the thief.
9 years old, learn to dance, good at all kinds of classical dance steps
The height of 191cm, always keep the spine straight from Ansel Elgot in a strong artistic atmosphere of the New York family, even his name is based on the American photographer Ansel Adams.
Ansel was born in New York, the most populous in Manhattan, his father Arthur Elgot was a Russian Jew, “Vogue” magazine for 30 years of fashion blockbusters; his mother Gracie Barrett Holby is an opera director, investment “American opera program” and served as artistic director; his grandmother is more powerful, World War II against Norway in the members of Norway’s Jewish children to help transfer the neutral zone of Sweden – but also because it as she was in the Nazi concentration camps; his brother Warren and sister Sophie are engaged in film editors and photographers work.
Ansel’s mother began dancing in 1974, and later trained as a singer, actress, dancer, and eventually grew up as an opera director. At her insistence, Ansel began studying dancing at the age of 9, and also went to the American Ballet School for interviews. In 2015, he filmed his cover for the magazine “Teen Vogue”, showing all the classical dance steps of the past century. But in the end he chose to play on the big screen.

The new edition “Mulan” started shooting in 2018, China, New Zealand and other places

The 1905 movie news according to foreign media reports, the live version of “Mulan” will start at the end of January 2018, action drama film and exploration will become the main attraction, is expected to be shot in China, Australia and New Zealand, the film will be released in 2019. The plot is exactly the same as what we know, but according to Disney’s previous story, the core idea in the film should be the Western value system.
The film was controversial because of the election of “white corner”, but Disney later made an urgent clarification that the true story would still be dominated by mulan. Li Anceng refused to direct the film because he was busy with Billy Lynn’s midfield campaign, but he previously revealed the desire of Asian directors to direct the film. Eventually, however, the film was directed by Nicky Carlo from new zealand.
When “Mulan” or the “cartoon” shield agent starring Wen Mingna vocals, film Mulan animated image become a classic, is many people’s childhood memories. The story of Mulan’s army for the father has been adapted many times, and whether the new edition of Mulan can still stand out remains to be seen.


Directed by Tobey and Hopper, she directed the death of the Dezhou Chainsaw Massacre

Director Tobey Hopper dies, director Tobey Hopper dies
The 1905 movie network famous American horror film directed, once in 1974 to death “Dezhou Chainsaw Massacre” renowned Toby Hoope local time on Saturday in Losangeles, at the age of 74. Losangeles police released the news, Toby Hoope’s specific cause of death was not disclosed.

After the death of Tobey Hopper, many horror film directors expressed their respect and memory for the director. “Hostel” director Eli Ross wrote a long article on their social networking sites, to describe their Tobey and Hopper meet, and the influence of their predecessors in the occupation career. At the same time, John Carpenter, Stephen Kim, Wen Ziren and Edgar Wright have all remembered their predecessors on their social networking sites.
In January 25, 1943, Toby Hoope was born in Austen, Dezhou, United states. His father owned a home theater in San Angelo. When he was 9 years old, Toby Hoope began using his father’s 8mm camera to shoot short films. As an adult, he went to college to study drama. Throughout the 1960s, Tobey Hopper worked at the University, and at other times appeared as documentary photographers. In 1974, he shot the Dezhou chainsaw massacre. The film has become a classic with realism and outstanding visual expression. That year, the film won a $30 million local box office at a cost of less than 300 thousand, making it the most successful American independent film in 1970s.
“The Dezhou Chainsaw Massacre” tells the story of five young people met a group of cannibals stories in the process of visiting an old one in. The film’s most famous character slasher “shameless” is said to the famous American serial killer Ed Gein for the creation of the prototype. The film was banned in some countries because of its excessive scale of violence. In 1986, Hopper also directed the “Dezhou Chainsaw Massacre” sequel, and added a lot of comedy elements, but the final evaluation of the general, and did not copy the success of the previous. Ghost drive in 1982 is another famous film by Tobey Hopper. The film by Steven Spielberg screenwriter, tells the story of one family with Greg T Nelson and Qiaobeizi Williams as the ghost of the story of the struggle, created a new gameplay horror film. The film won a box office success in the year, eighth place at the box office.
In the movie, Toby Hoope adapted for CBS Stephen Kim’s “midnight Walker” for the mini series. The film, which was broadcast in 1979, raised the horror drama in television to a new height. After entering the new millennium, although Hopper has been engaged in the creation of films and TV plays, he has received much less attention than his early works. His latest work is directed by Julian Molly and Alexander Bustillo’s “Dezhou Chainsaw Massacre prequel movie” “shameless” served as producer. According to the plan, the film will be released in September 21st this year in the United states.

Stephen Kinda IP in Waterloo investment greater reputation worse

Stephen Kinda IP Waterloo
Two movies, two episodes

This can be said that the Stephen Kim fans Carnival of the year, according to the novel’s two film “the Dark Tower”, “it” and “two series” fog, “Mr. Mercedes” have met with the audience. However, high output and high investment did not bring the expected response — the first quarter near the end of the “fog” in IMDb and watercress to 5.3 points, while Stephen Kim is known as the pinnacle of the “Dark Tower” was filmed in the watercress is only 5.4 points, rotten tomatoes freshness is only 13%. It is not hold high expectations of the “Mr. Mercedes” to regain a bureau, watercress and IMDb with 8 points about the results stand up.
The fog of evil reviews, “fog” bad reviews
[much attention]
“The Dark Tower” scores the bottom
Two Stephen Kim novels have been put on the big screen this year. “It” (aka “it”) will be released simultaneously worldwide in September 8th, after the story of the young child was caught in it at fear, the film around the theme of childhood trauma and hidden in the traditional values behind the ugly. It’s not yet known how the film will work, but the dark tower, which was adapted from Stephen Kim’s most recent career, has recently suffered a crushing defeat

“Star City” director Luc – Besson indulge childhood memories is good or bad?

[today’s film]
Delicately restored the comic world

French director Luc Besson’s science fiction film “star agent: thousand stars city” (hereinafter referred to as the “thousand Star City”), adapted from French veteran science fiction comics “Valle Ryan and Luoruilin”, tells the story of Valle Ryan and Luoruilin two star partner agents in the universe of adventure stories. When Besson was 10, he got his first exposure to the comic book “Aviator” recommended by his father. The fantastic space scene, the Star Trek agent between the stars and time, fascinated the curious and fanciful child of the world.
It was the time when Besson’s family had just moved back to France and Besson’s parents decided to divorce. After his parents remarried, Besson was embarrassed in the new family, so he thought he was just a memento of a failed attempt.” Fortunately, father helped him find a new world – Comic books. And the space world in comics began to be his spiritual sustenance in his boyhood. Growing up, comics were a source of inspiration. “The fifth element” in the future of New York City, is the architectural design style reference “Valle Ryan and Luoruilin” to create.
Later, the audience knew that Besson was a very good commercial film maker. He may not always like “The Professional” as a characterization of human tragedies, but also did not like the “fifth elements” as the perception of the depth of life, but the “taxi” hurricane “rescue” “transporter” super “body” and other works of the story was simple but lively rhythm, he choreographed the core conflict from the beginning, to attract the audience attention.
In the works of the city of stars, the so-called “180 thousand yuan per second”, Besson was immersed in the magnificent space he saw on paper from his childhood and moved to the big screen. It has a total of 2734 special effects scenes, to the comic world of fine reduction. Peaceful and peaceful pearl stars, dangerous dark city waters, trans dimensional wars of changing shadows, exotic alien banquets…… Although the “Afanda”, “Star Trek” “Star Wars” “star crossed” the Milky Way “guard” line to large performance continue to limit effects, but “Star City” still has a unique visual charm. The film prologue takes David Bowie’s classic Space Oddity as the soundtrack. It tells the history of the development of the city of stars, and more vividly demonstrates the passion for exploring the unknown sentiments and spreading peace among the people.

“Manchester by the sea” test the water “line distribution” should be encouraged

“National art film alliance” is a very good idea, by adding one or several of the Theater Hall, on the one hand, let more people see art film, hand can also be diluted cinema art film cost. Although the “seaside Manchester” in the water test “line distribution” box office is not satisfactory, but it is still a useful attempt.
“Branch distribution” box office is not high, is still useful to try
Recently released in the domestic “seaside Manchester” is Oscar’s hot work this year, but also the first “national art film show alliance” into the foreign films. “Before the national art film screenings alliance” are the domestic art films, such as “August” “Tallo”, this time chose an American movie, attempt is a very meaningful step.
However, the “water line issue”, which gives a massive commercial cinema in the country, but only in the national art film screenings in the league in 190 theaters in small scale screening — viewing population concentrated in a small theater, in order to ensure exclusive film screenings. The total number of screens to participate in the show is only 270 yuan, accounting for less than 1% of the country’s more than 4 pieces of screens. Viewing only certain screenings at a particular cinema clearly limits the audience and box office.

“Cat eye” film professional show, in August 25th began to test the water “line distribution” of “seaside Manchester”, as at 7 in the evening of August 28th, the film in the country’s box office was 3 million 580 thousand. Some film practitioners thought it was all right”. Originally, due to the film’s own literary and artistic properties and the characteristics of the Chinese market, “seaside Manchester” landing on China’s big screen has been regarded as “impossible”.
Paying attention to “ordinary people” does not arouse the interest of ordinary people
In the opinion of ordinary fans, American movies are equal to Hollywood movies, and they guarantee high box office prices. But for senior fans, the Hollywood film culture seems to be experiencing crisis, in addition to the annual still launched the “high concept movie make addition to the box office, it seems more and more let people mind is lack of this work.
Compare this year several of Oscar prize winning works, “sea Manchester” probably is a most viewers not good, this film has inherited the last century in 70s “new Hollywood” authors pays close attention to reality and the fate of the traditional ordinary people. “Sea Manchester” for ordinary people describing the life of ordinary people in daily life, struggle, and a fall apart in a disastrous state of “listen to the silent thunder”.
“Sea Manchester” no “city” of the Philharmonic magnificent and romantic, there is no “Moonlight boy” hit the social problems of the sharp, but the film is concerned is that in our society the most easily neglected groups, under the sun, looks ordinary people.
It is precisely such subjects, often not ordinary audience in the first choice when entering the cinema. Some people have commented on the popularity of the “lost culture” on the Internet. The film is the most “lost” movie of the year, while the 137 minute movie is a long way off for many viewers. In addition, last year, the film produced, because Oscar has been a wave of young artists in the season where the “old”, the preheating of resources on the web is also a lot more limited theatrical attraction.
But there is no doubt that “Manchester by the sea” is an excellent film. Although the tone of the film is gloomy, but does not give people the feeling desperate, very able to highlight the humanistic care. This kind of work is worth respecting and cherishing. It is a kind of respect and greeting for the creative master to enter the cinema to watch.

Review: we should use what angle to see “Dunkirk”

This surprise, means to bring the audience surprise, not surprise, but a turning point.
He love to play in the structure, he read Graham Swift British classical writer’s novel “water village” (Waterland) found that these novelists have enjoyed centuries of narrative freedom, why not try the movie? So there is the movie “memory shard”, which is described as “burning the brain”.

Nolan also likes to break the tradition. Tim Burton Jo Schumacher’s four film Batman Series, Batman’s world will create a lustrous and dazzling, “Batman Begins” in Gotham City, how many have the shadow, such as street water and beautiful high-rise towers. In “the Dark Knight”, the original four Batman style was left completely, brother became Gotham City and the reality of life in metropolis is no other kind of city, Batman’s action and behavior as well as various characters, also tend to be realistic, this is in addition to the comic book hero Nolan a dark wind, innovation in the Batman series.
The “star crossed”, Nolan let the space theme also approximating real life: UAV and rely on solar power to provide electricity, aviation research base and the reality and nothing else, people still use a laptop computer, cooking is still the same. In the best sense of reality, through the theme of a space feel abnormal real, a change which is brought by Nolan, if he took something like “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, that Nolan is not Nolan.
“Dunkirk”, is it? Some reports say beyond “Saving Private Ryan”, although I’m Nolan powder, but before the movie, I was sceptical; read “Dunkirk”, I am very firm, the two film is not a type, but also great.
When it comes to war films, the first thing we think about is “Saving Private Ryan” and “Black Hawk falling”. Tension, excitement, flesh and blood everywhere, last year’s “blood” will this type of hacksaw ridge to the extreme, Japanese barbarism, American heroic in the film get a strong visual embodiment.
“Dunkirk” is a war film, it is about a German retreat history, the British forced into French Dunkirk, across the sea is the British, but the British four hundred thousand people to retreat, the bombing of military vessels, in the extreme lack of transportation conditions, the slaughter of ducks is the common soldier, how to go home the?
In the hands of Nolan, what would a war movie look like? He must not be cruel to render scenes of the war, he also said not to take command of what the situation is, how Churchill made the decision, but by three angles, to tell people that the horrors of war, as well as the beautiful home.

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